Tools to build a website to make money

You have it in you to make a money-making machine. Everyone can do it; the question is who will carry it out. I know you can and so can you, or else why would you be reading this? You want to work from home and earn money online properly, so let’s get started.
The first thing to do is decide how you want to make money online. There are typically EIGHT online business models to choose from.
– Affiliate Model – Set up links on your site and when people click and buy, you get paid a percentage

– CPA model – (Cost per action) There are websites that have lists of large companies that pay you every time someone links your site with theirs and enters their email address, regardless of whether they buy something.
– Retail model: you sell retail products, whether they are your own or someone else’s, and in that case, companies often ship them for you.
– Advertising model: Once you attract enough traffic to your site or blog, you find companies related to your site and they pay you to advertise on their site.
– Continuity Model: This is when you normally have a product, for example a dating guide site that publishes a new instructional DVD on a monthly basis and people sign up for the DVD on a monthly basis and it is billed automatically. Then you make money every month until the person cancels. This could also be your own site and do it with your product.
– Information product model: where you have or create good content and sell it through e-books, DVDs, newsletters, etc.
– Launch Model: You have a new product or buy the rights to one and contact companies with a huge email list and make a deal with them to sell your product through their email list.
– Product Distribution Model: This is where you take your product (e-book, DVD, etc.) and distribute it to other sites, i.e, and they sell it for you. The second thing to do is draw up your business plan to make money online. This includes one of the above businesses. People choose one and stick with it.
The third step is choosing a domain name. There are two schools of thought on this, choose a name that includes your product type, i.e Tims Book Sales. Now you know that it is a book sale site. The second school of thought is to choose a name that can be made into a brand, that is,, which has nothing to do with selling books, but it worked.
The fourth thing you will have to do is get a hosting account, this is where your website files will be stored and you will build your site. By registering your hosting account for a longer period of time, your site will rank higher on Google and other search engines. So if you can afford it, go for it and if not, no problem. Now when you sign up for your domain, everyone will try to sell you extra stuff, like Get 1000 Hits. In most cases, these are just computer systems, not people searching for your type of site. It depends on the type of site you are setting up, so make money online if you are in sales you will want a security seal. If you’re not sure what something is, open a new tab and Google it.
The Fifth Step: You are now working from home and are about to start making money online. Building your site is one of the most important steps, and if you want to do it yourself, use WordPress. You will have to choose a site design that suits your online business.
The sixth step is to drive traffic. This is the most important because without it you are dead in the water. I am still researching the best way to do this. Most hosting companies have an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) package, so you want to repeatedly use the same keywords. Do your research on this, it is key.
Hope this has been helpful to you. This was a short overview and it will take some time to complete, but you only have to do it once. Remember that you keep one thing and do it well.

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